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A decoration company whose goal is to achieve complete customer satisfaction and for this reason we adapt to the tastes, needs and characteristics of each customer in a completely personalized way and meet them while providing visions and solutions to reach the best decoration design.

We know that every space in the unit for which the decoration design is to be implemented, like every person, is unique and this allows us to be creative and to have our decoration design work with a special and exclusive character, in addition to ensuring that the deadlines are met.

interior design company

In all interior design work we use the best building materials and the most innovative techniques in designing the decoration of shops, offices and homes, as we use the latest technologies and achieve great results in each of the projects that we implement through the best engineers specialized in interior design and architecture.

In addition, as a decoration company, we offer you an exclusive 3D planning service. Thanks to this 3D design, we can see the proposed decorative solutions and the results of the decoration design project before starting work, and this 3D design provides the possibility to make adjustments and include new ideas and changes.

Interiors are much more than just spaces to establish

Contrary to what is generally believed, interior decoration and interior design are not the same. Let's see how they differ:
Interior decoration: It is considered the aesthetic standard, that is, it is the art of combining the decorative elements used in decorating within the unit for which the decoration is to be designed.
It is important to emphasize that the designer composes his vision for each of a limited and already defined space and adapts his ideas and creativity to it: (distribution _ lighting _ heights _ surface _ furniture _ materials used in construction _ finishes _ etc.).

Interior design: Interior design is defined as the art of planning, designing, and beautifying man-made spaces. However, the field of interior design is still relatively new, and it is worth noting that the name interior decoration was called it in the past, which was loose and lacked specification, which led specialists to use a more accurate term, so it was called interior design, known in some European countries as interior architecture. .

How does an interior designer work?

The interior designer creates interior designs for buildings, where the size and nature of the work is determined in cooperation with the client. The interior designer takes many things into consideration, including clients’ tastes and budgets, and then draws plans for the client, which are created using special design programs and not manually, and presents these plans attached With color charts, it also provides a study of the total cost of the work, and it is worth noting that the designer can develop several plans before they are approved by the client.

What is residential interior decoration design?

A home interior design company refers to the design of homes for residence rather than commercial properties. The goal of interior designers is to create interiors that are tailored to the operation of clients' homes but also reflect each client's personal taste. The home is a personal space.
Excellent residential interior design personalizes home designs. For example, an interior designer may have multiple owned clients living in the same building. An effective residential interior design ensures that each apartment is as uniquely a fit for the owner as possible. The color scheme will likely be different in each home, as will the colors and appearance of the rooms.


Interior designers also have architectural knowledge and understand the details of room construction For example if a homeowner wants to remove walls to create larger, open living spaces a designer with experience in residential interior design can advise if at all possible he can also develop a plan to complete the project as well as make suggestions on materials that should be used.
Interior designers are familiar with working within floor plans and building codes. They understand not only the architectural details of windows, doors, and walls but also how they affect the overall design of a home.

Learn about the most popular interior decoration styles with an interior design company

⦁  Nordic decorative pattern
It is a decorative style that is strongly affected by harsh climatic conditions and because of the cold and the need to spend a lot of time indoors. Northern decorations seek above all to:
⦁ Create as comfortable spaces as possible.
⦁ Maximize a little available natural light.
To achieve these two goals the ornament used the following element to decorate its interiors:
⦁  Color is white
White color is used on walls, ceilings, and floors in order to reflect natural light and provide luster. Another added advantage is that it contributes to creating more open and spacious spaces.
⦁  Wooden Furniture
Wood is one of the undisputed main styles in interior designs, as it is considered a heat insulator, so it brings warmth in addition to being an original and abundant material.
⦁  minimalist style
The minimalist interior decoration style is ideal for lovers of order for those who feel comfortable in simple and quiet spaces in this type of interior decoration of homes the premise is “less is more”.
⦁ rustic style
Rustic design styles evoke cottages where interior style homes of this type offer harmony, luxury and comfort The interesting thing about rustic styles is the presence of a large variety of natural materials. The basics are wood, stone, terracotta, wicker and in many cases, spaces full of harmony are achieved thanks to ceramics. With regard to fabrics, preferably linen and cotton.
⦁  retro style
It is a way of evoking the best of the decades from the 30s to the 80s where classicism and romance prevail Very light colors are used white is the chosen one in most types of vintage decorations.
⦁  Industrial Style
Modern, discreet, urban room styles are industrial type decorations also known as urban style country chic combines to create great rooms The furniture used in the industrial home decor styles is made of iron so they look a little rusty Untreated wood and veneer are used if the pipes can be seen that is even better much.
⦁  Oriental style

In this type of decoration there is a perfect balance so that almost everything is at ground level plus neutral colors and materials are part of oriental culture Bamboo, stone, rice paper, wood and silk are available in all oriental style rooms.


Best interior design and finishing company

The decoration design process in the best interior design company (In&Go) passes through many important stages, starting from receiving the place until handing over the place to the customer on the key, and these steps are as follows:

First, the foundation stage

It is called the foundation stage, in which everything that will be done inside the place is established and planned. In other words, the initial decoration of the place is established as follows:

⦁ This step begins with the process of going to the place and inspecting the entire place, a comprehensive and accurate inspection, studying the place and knowing its area, the number of rooms, the area of ​​each room, the dimensions of each room, length, width and height.
⦁ The company presents its offers to the customer, leaving him the freedom to choose the type of service that suits his own budget, the type of finishing and materials he wants.
⦁ After that, the client is interviewed and all information is taken from him about the type of decoration he wants, what ideas he wants to put in it, and whether he wants to make any modifications to the division of the place or not, and the closest image in his imagination to the decorations.
⦁ The company makes a picture or a model close to reality for the client so that the client can imagine the final result of the design
⦁ If the customer wishes to make any modifications in the place, they will be done after that, before starting the finishing process.

Second, the finishing stage

It consists of a set of steps arranged as follows:
⦁ Electrical works.
⦁ Plumbing and drainage works.
⦁ Carpentry work.
⦁ oyster business.
⦁ Finishing the insulation.
⦁ Flooring.
⦁  Ceiling finishes and gypsum works.
⦁ Step of painting walls and ceilings.
⦁ Gas installation.

The third stage of furniture distribution

The last stages of decoration design, which are considered the most important stages, which require high taste and meet all the client's wishes in an accurate and coordinated manner, in which the following are done:

⦁ The type of furniture that the customer desires is identified, and accordingly the type of decorations that will be done, lighting, and wall decorations are determined, and the colors that the customer desires in each piece of furniture is identified.
⦁ After knowing all the customer’s wishes, the required service is carried out by the best designers and interior decorators, and the selection of furniture and decorative accessories appropriate to the space, as well as furniture furnishing, coordination, and delivery of the place in the end, ready for the key.

أنواع الديكورات التي توفرها شركة ديكور In&Go

من أهم ما تقدمه افضل شركة تصميم ديكور هو إتاحة جميع أنواع الديكورات المختلفة سواء كانت قديمة أو حديثة، ومن أهم هذه الأنواع ما يلي: 

Types of decorations provided by In&Go Decor

One of the most important things that the best interior design company offers is to provide all kinds of different decorations, whether old or modern, and the most important of these types are the following:

Modern decoration

This type of decor is characterized by diversity in its forms and designs, where flexibility is available in colors and shapes. The furniture is also characterized by lightness and simplicity, characterized by its geometric shapes and sharp lines, and the decorations, engravings and many accessories are less, and the fabrics are calm and simple.

Post Modern Decoration
This type of decoration, which is known as postmodernism, is characterized by being free of restrictions and principles. This type expresses the personality of its owner. It is characterized by an engineering and architectural character far from boredom and traditionalism, where old vocabulary is used to decorate modern pieces, and discordant colors are used next to each other.

Classic decoration
This type of furniture is characterized by its luxury and its large size and enormity, as it is closer to royal furniture, and is characterized by a lot of decorations, engravings and details, and metals such as bronze and copper are used, and the fabrics are characterized by a lot of drawings and decorations, and simple traditional colors, and the pieces of furniture are of high quality and made Of beech and oak wood.

New Classic décor
In this type, modern and classic furniture are mixed, as it is not very simple like modern decor, nor very massive and luxurious like classic decor, it has a touch of luxury in a simple way that is not exaggerated, and the furniture is characterized by geometric lines with few curves, with decorative and embossed fabrics in colors exhilarating.

Decoration Loft
In this type of decor, metal and wood materials are mixed with natural and artificial stones. It is also characterized by the use of pendant lights and track lights. As for the furniture, it combines new pieces with pieces recycled by old pieces, and the interior spaces are open to each other, while the colors are warm colors Neutral.

Islamic decoration
This type of decoration depends on the use of wooden and arabesque interlocks. It is also characterized by warm, earthy colors such as red and orange degrees. As for lighting, it depends on copper lanterns and carved and ornate pottery lamps. Handicrafts are commonly used in carpets and furnishings, and accessories are drawn Arabic letters and lines. On antiques and tablets.
When choosing us as the best interior design company, make sure that there are distinct and tangible works that the company has carried out on the ground, seeing these works and considering the method followed by the company and the materials used.