Sophie Mer: Modern decor is simple and neutral

Home decor and furniture is one of the areas that are developing greatly, and it keeps pace with everything new in the world of fashion, as is the case with fashion and clothing. Evidence for this is the interest of many international designers, such as Kenzo and Giorgio Armani, in addition to their touches Special on art decor and furniture. In line with the general trend towards simplicity in various design lines, the decoration and furniture design industry, regardless of its modern or classic styles and schools, has turned into smart and unique ideas that highlight the aesthetics of the home and its high taste.
“The Five Senses” entered the world of Q Home decor for design and furniture, to learn about international fashion trends, and their approach to Arab or oriental tastes, according to the instructions of the Swedish designer and decorator Sophie Mir of Iranian origin. At the outset of her speech, Sophie Meir confirms that modern decorations, with their patterns and designs with straight longitudinal and transverse lines, are the modern trend in furnishing a house or villa, due to its simplicity, neutrality in colors, and practicality in performance. She points out that although many are still keen on the classic character in the decoration of their homes, which is distinguished by the many inscriptions and bends in the design of furniture, the modern color has been able to prove its presence strongly, even in a small and simple corner, as it serves many purposes, and plays a variety of roles. at same time.
Sophie believes that the most characteristic of the modern house is the furniture that it contains, and the places where it is distributed in proportion to the place and use, and the taste status of the owners of the house, as the luxury of the house is not the only criterion of elegance and excellence, provided that the required harmony occurs between the furniture of the house, its nature and its space. And the colors and tendencies and personalities of its inhabitants. According to the Swedish designer, the simplicity of the interior decoration is reflected in the new forms of bedroom designs, which are no longer made of ornate or carved wood. These touches of decoration and inscriptions are almost disappearing from the market. Emphasizing that the current trend depends on the change in the artistic form of the entire piece of decoration, and not in its small details. And if the modern designs of the bedrooms do not appeal to the majority of women, as they greatly lack a sense of romance and intimacy, some find it a new trend, which can be coordinated and provided with some simple decorative elements to reach the desired romance. The simplicity also affected the decoration piece, so its size became relatively less than the sizes used previously, as most modern models of bedrooms, especially beds, appeared small in size without any extravagance in the use of materials.
Swedish designer Sophie Sophie considers that a quick look at everything new in the world of decoration and interior design shows that designs have become dependent on highlighting empty spaces, and not causing any kind of crowding between pieces of furniture. She explains that it is not desirable to assemble a group of furniture in one place, just to fill the place. Rather, when placing each piece of furniture, it must have meaning and add to the place, with moderation in the use of decorations and accessories. Just as most of the lines of modern furniture and decoration tend to make furniture more modern and lively, rather than being just a piece of art that many may be puzzled about how to deal with it, most modern furniture pieces can be reduced and enlarged according to the place, and some of them may design separate pieces that form the shape or the piece as a whole. Parts of it can be dispensed with in the case of narrow spaces. As for the colors used, most of them tend to use simple, explicit colors, where only one or two colors are used, without drawings or decorations, as was the case in the past.
It is noteworthy that after an absence of several decades, wallpaper returns to the decoration platform, armed with modernity and elegance, after its attractiveness remained a reflection of the prevailing fashion during the sixties and seventies of the last century, and then disappeared after it could not resist the encroachment of paint with its advanced colors and shapes, but it seems that it It was only a matter of time, when wallpaper regained its strength, to come back again in artistic forms like paintings.
The credit for its recent recovery is due to the customers’ conviction in it and its aesthetics, especially since, in the opinion of some interior designers, it has become enjoying better specifications and advantages than paint, in addition to allowing the homeowner multiple options, in terms of shapes, colors and qualities that are hundreds and brands different.