Information about the art of home decoration with pictures

The art of decoration is one of the arts for the designs of furniture and collectibles in a civilized and contemporary way, with a high taste and attractiveness, and the art of decoration is one of the modern arts in our time that many people resort to when establishing their new homes. The art of decoration has been taught in private schools and colleges, and this is due to the importance of the art of decoration in our lives, and here, through this article, we talk together on the most valuable information about the art of home decoration with pictures and also learn about the important rules of the art of decoration.

Valuable information about modern art decor

The art of decoration is considered one of the applied arts that depends on the artistic sense of the human being, whether this sense is studied or it is a talent within the person himself. We learn about the most important values ​​that talk about the art of modern decoration:

The meaning of the beauty of decorative art:

- Here most of the decorators rely on the aesthetic artistic urging of the place. The beauty here is the beauty of the place and not the furniture. It is possible to put very modest furniture.
But with the artistic touches that complement this furniture, such as some large art paintings that show the natural beauty of life, through which it can become next to the modest furniture the most beautiful place, and in the end will come out to us the most beautiful and latest form of decorative design for the place.

Concepts of beauty art decoration:

Here we find that most of the decorators put the furniture in the last place after drawing it and placing the photographic paintings in it. These paintings give us beauty in all its concepts. The distribution of these paintings in the house varies according to the rooms, as each room has its own and appropriate paintings for it.
For example, the reception rooms should be filled with nature from paintings rich in landscapes, for example, children's rooms should have a childish feeling, such as cartoon drawings, which they love, and the bedrooms should have photographs that have a romantic character of their own.

Basics of decorating basics for home interior design

And when we know the basics of decoration in the interior design of the house, we find that these basics must follow a special system that cannot be dispensed with in the interior design of the house, including:
Simplicity and sophistication, and here is considered the most important thing in the design of decorations is simplicity because it is the title of beauty and sophistication.
The basic colors in the decoration, and here the art of decoration plays a role in the colors. The color is able to create the breadth of the place and the illusion of people to see the decor in a different way, and that when the rooms have a small area, we must put the brightest colors and be of bright colors because the bright color expands the shape of the rooms. The rooms were very spacious so we could play with the time however we wanted.
Comfort and home decoration should be simple that makes people's psyche more comfortable, because a person's home is the place he resorts to for comfort and enjoyment, so we must maintain decorations that are more simple and comfortable for the eye and the soul together.
Lighting The art of modern decor is that it chooses the lighting in which there is comfort for the eye. The rooms must have more than multiple lighting so that they have lighting that matches the daylight and is not too noisy, and at the same time, you must enjoy the lighting that suits the quiet times of the house during the night.
Furniture pieces and pieces of furniture should be chosen very carefully that fits with the total area of ​​the place.

The most common mistakes in home decor

There are some common mistakes that exist in the minds and soul in the matter of home decoration, we will show you some of them as follows:
Choosing the color of the lighting for the place, as many people do not choose the appropriate lighting for the place and rooms in the house, which makes people suffocate and annoy with this lighting in a very upset way.
- Choosing the colors of the paints, and the person who owns the house may prefer to follow the modern and modern colors without paying attention if these colors fit the area of ​​the rooms or not. Some colors, if painted in a small space, stifle the spirit of the room and make you inside it do not enjoy psychological comfort at all, so we must choose the colors Appropriate spaces and consult the decorator in it.
We must take the time to design the decor and choose the furniture slowly, because making such decisions quickly and in a hurry does not enable us to make the right choice, but makes us, after finishing the home furnishing, resort to changing the decor again and damage the loss of some things and costs for some other things when renovating them.


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