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What is special about Ghusna?

As an Emirati woman, Ghusna today is a role-model in her field. The deep understanding of the UAE environment and culture enables her to speak her own unique language of design. A clear vision of the society needs and lifestyle is what stimulated her to accomplish luxurious designs which leads to the growth of her group everyday.
Today, Aghsan group expanded to include

Our Goal

We are working towards reaching the highest level of balance between creativity and quality, along with functionality and transparency with our clients.


Aghsan Group is an architecture and design firm that sees design as a creative respond to a need. We help our clients envision a better future and achieve their dream goals by providing the best solutions. Throughout our journey we have faced many challenges that we managed to overcome. All of these were carried out according to the deep understanding between us and our client’s mind.

Our inspirational mind speech

“Design is a creative respond to a need”.
Ghusna Salem